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Vehicle delivery and

We have 3 plants in Catalonia (Salt, Granollers and La Selva del Camp) authorised to manage the deregistration of your vehicle for its destruction and final recycling.

“Managing your vehicle’s deregistration has never been so easy”

Authorised vehicle decontamination plants

Entrega y baja de vehículos de Salt


Entrega y baja de vehículos de Ferimet en Granollers


Entrega y baja de vehículos de Salt

La Selva

Specialising in the management of hybrid and electric vehicles

Our Granollers plant has the necessary facilities and authorisations for the deregistration and decontamination of hybrid and electric vehicles.

We have a specialised decontamination system for hybrid and electric cars, staff trained in the disassembly and discharge of electric batteries, safety devices for their storage and a disassembly and discharge process for these batteries.


We validate your vehicle’s data.

Send an email to gestion.tramites@gcelsa.com with your ID number and vehicle registration number. Our staff will check directly with the DGT to ensure that the deregistration can be processed.


We contact you

We will contact you via email or by telephone to inform of the result of this check.


Delivery of the vehicle

Your rights: The last journey in your vehicle’s useful life is covered by your insurance policy.


Documents to be provided

  • Photocopy of valid ID card
  • Original vehicle data sheet
  • Original vehicle registration document
  • Destruction certificate and deregistration application signed by the owner