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With more than 1 million tons of ferrous scrap managed by our plants, we are the largest ferrous scrap recoverer in Spain.

In our firm commitment to the circular economy, we provide an opportunity for ferrous waste from different sources to be reincorporated back into the economic cycle, becoming an integral part of new products created in the production system.

“We are the leading recoverer in the country and one of the main drivers of the circular economy.”

Ferrous scrap

The main sources of scrap steel are obsolete consumer goods, such as old cars, household appliances, steel cans, old buildings and structures, as well as scrap from industrial waste.

Steel degrades very little in recycling processes, so it can be recycled infinitely.

Non-ferrous metals

Iron alloys cover most needs as a structural material for the manufacture of machines and tools, utensils and containers of all kinds, wires, etc.

However, when specific properties are required for specific applications such as high electrical or thermal conductivity, low weight, oxidation and corrosion resistance, other metals must be used.

Industrial demolitions

Our technical department, in accordance with the requirements of each specific job, draws up a work plan that provides the mechanical and human means necessary to ensure the work is carried out efficiently and safely.

We are expert in demolishing industrial complexes, buildings, metal structures, and also railway and port infrastructures.

Vehicle delivery and deregistration

Ferimet has three plants authorised to manage the deregistration of end-of-life vehicles in La Selva del Camp (Tarragona), Salt (Girona) and Granollers (Barcelona).

Management of WEEE

Ferimet is specialised in the management and recycling of electrical and electronic waste (WEEE) following the guidelines of the Royal Decree 110/2015.

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