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Non-ferrous metals

Iron alloys cover most needs as a structural material for the manufacture of machines and tools, utensils and containers of all kinds, wires, etc. However, when specific properties are required for specific applications such as high electrical or thermal conductivity, low weight, oxidation and corrosion resistance, other metals must be used.

Recycling metals has a positive impact on the environment by reducing the natural resources needed to produce new products. Recycling significantly reduces water, air pollution and mining waste by 70%. Furthermore, using recycled aluminium reduces air pollution by 95%, saves 90% of the energy consumed in making it and helps reduce use of electrical energy, compared to starting the process from scratch with virgin raw materials.

At FERIMET we have the necessary facilities and processes to treat the metals we receive with the quality required in their production processes.

“Thanks to our recovery processes, we help reduce the extraction of natural resources from our planet”

Our processes

Our main areas of activity

metales como aluminio

Metal recovery and

At Ferimet we buy, store, process and prepare for sale the main non-ferrous metals, including aluminium, copper, brass, zinc, lead and bronze

Recycling of packaging

Ferimet’s centres receive, classify and store all types of metal packaging, which after being processed are sent to our customers to complete the recovery and recycling process. All processes are approved by the Integrated Packaging Management System, Ecoembes.

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Reciclaje de cables

Recycling of

At FERIMET we collect, recycle and classify different types of cable containing non-ferrous materials, mainly copper and aluminium or tinned copper. After processing the cable, the main products we obtain are: copper shot, aluminium shot, rubber, PVC and polyethylene.

We have a copper mill specialised in the treatment of copper cable at our Ferimet Sabadell plant.


Spent batteries, due to their lead and sulphuric acid content, are hazardous waste and cannot be discarded like any household waste.

At Ferimet’s plants, we collect and temporarily store lead batteries, which are then transferred to specific treatment plants for their final recycling. For this purpose we have a fleet of trucks and warehouses authorised to manage these materials.