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Our aim is to become an organisation where we all believe in the value of our own and our colleagues’ safety.

Beyond compliance with the legal requirements for occupational risk prevention, at CELSA Group™, we have gradually incorporated into our Occupational Health and Safety Management System a series of programmes that allow us to move towards our goal of Zero Accidents.

“We are committed to achieving a safe and healthy work environment for everyone who works with us”


As an integral part of our daily activities, we frequently carry out the observation of everyday working practices in order to detect any unsafe acts and conditions and act to correct them. These Preventive Safety Observation duties involve all employees at all levels, including executives, managers, employees and staff of the companies we work with. They are the basis for the creation and development of a preventive culture in our organisation, where we encourage everyone to participate and identify with the objective of carrying out our operations without any accidents.

AUDIT PROGRAMME: Internal, cross and external audits

We follow a programme of audits at different levels to ensure the correct implementation of our own and corporate standards.

The internal audits allow the performance of the safety improvement systems to be reviewed at the level of each plant.

The cross audits, in addition to identifying those points in the system that are not in line with the internal procedures of the plants or with corporate procedures, identify the best practices existing in the Group’s plants so that they can subsequently be exported to the rest of the units by creating or modifying corporate standards.

The external audits ensure that our safety management systems comply with the highest current standards, thereby ensuring continuous improvement.

RCC PROGRAMME: Risk Correction Card

In order to encourage the active participation of all employees of the organisation in identifying and reducing risks of accidents and incidents, we encourage everyone who detects a situation that endangers safety or health to report it through a Risk Correction Card.

These cards are reviewed and assessed to generate action plans to eliminate these risks.

This way, we achieve a multiplying factor, and develop a strong safety culture where we all act to prevent anyone from getting hurt.

PROGRAMME 10: The 10 safety rules that save lives

We develop, implement and improve performance through a range of safe work standards and practices, which are the cornerstone of our management model.
Behind each of these 10 Life Saving Rules is a set of standards that define how we carry out our work to achieve zero accidents.

These include leadership—with the example of the chain of command—, work at heights, crane and lifting operations, LOTO (Lockout-Tagout), teams carrying out repairs or cleaning, entering confined spaces, or high-energy work, among others.

PSAP PROGRAMME (Personal Safety Action Plan)

All managers of the organisations that make up the CELSA Group™ must define and maintain a specific safety action plan by which they commit themselves with concrete actions to improving the safety conditions of the people under their responsibility.

These action plans are mostly public and their evolution is systematically reviewed by the chain of command.

OOC PROGRAMME: Organisation, order and cleanliness

An initial and indispensable condition for carrying out our work and operations without accidents or incidents is that every area is tidy and perfectly clean during the normal course of work.

That’s why our safety management system constantly ensures that sources of dirt are identified and eliminated and that everything is kept in its place.
We train teams that continuously strive to improve organisation, order and cleanliness to increase efficiency and improve safety.

IAI PROGRAMME: Investigation of accidents and incidents

We investigate and analyse each and every one of the accidents and incidents that have occurred, identifying the causes that have given rise to them, with the key aim of implementing action plans to avoid them being repeated.
We focus not only on those situations in which people are harmed, but also on incidents in which situations of risk are detected that must be corrected and prevented, even if no injuries have occurred.

We make a special effort to disseminate what we learn from the accidents that have occurred, as a key educational tool that promotes knowledge about occupational safety.

Shared safety principles


All occupational accidents and illnesses can and must be prevented.


Managers are responsible and accountable for health and safety performance.


Employee commitment and training is essential.


Working safely is a condition for employment, promotion and career development.


Excellence in health and safety will lead to excellent business results.


Health and safety are integrated into all business management processes.

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