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Industrial demolitions

FERIMET SLU, with its over 50 years of experience, takes care of the demolition, transportation and removal of all the materials resulting from this type of job. Our technical department, in accordance with the requirements of each specific job, draws up a work plan that provides the mechanical and human means necessary to ensure the work is carried out efficiently and safely.

All technical (engineering, architecture, etc.), labour (risk prevention plans) and environmental aspects are taken into account in order to carry out the job with maximum guarantees of success. We are expert in demolishing industrial complexes, buildings, metal structures and also railway and port infrastructures.

FERIMET is registered in the Register of Accredited Companies (REA) for disassembly, demolition and dismantling works.
REA entry no.: 09000029776

“We draw up a work plan that provides the mechanical and human means to guarantee the job is done efficiently and safely”


Complejo industrial de derribos y demoliciones de Ferimet

Industrial complexes

Edificio siendo derribado




big structures


Scrapping and dismantling

Desguace de vagón

Scrapping of carriages and locomotives

vías de ferrocarril


Desguace y desmantelamiento de barco

Port structure and boats